Winners Drink - The Card Game

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Drinking games are fucked.

Unless you’re some kind of alcoholic super-Chad who shits frat parties or a walking rule book, the games are an impediment to your liquor. And worse yet, if you do manage to eek out a victory, it’s the LOSERS who get to drink!

Fuck that shit. WINNERS DRINK.

I made this drinking game from a lifetime of sitting around bullshitting in bars and getting kicked out of those bars and getting into heated arguments with people over stupid shit and screwing up with women. If you play this game, those things will probably happen to you.

It's a 53 card deck like a pack of cards. You can play with 3 to infinity. If you play with more friends than that, your dick will fall off.

This game is NSFW (Not Safe For Women)

Thanks to Clay Burton for the incredible card design, logos and packaging art!


Winners Drink is available to play for free in bars around the world. Just walk up to the counter and ask for it. Check out the map on the link below to find the location nearest you. It's like a Fight Club thing, but with less repressed homosexuality. Not none, just less!

The Winners Drink Map