The Dick Show - Sticker

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You're going to get Dick all over your shit with these stickers! 

Usually people say that the other way around.

Stickers are 3x3 and fly as fuck and also vinyl as hell--100% rated for outdoor use and elemental stamina vinyl. These stickers are so dope and tough, you stick one of these motherfuckers on your car, it's never coming off. Fix your rearview mirror with it. Stick it on the TV over those annoying network watermarks. Put if on your Moleskin notebook to make it a Dickskin. Or just hold onto it. Then imagine you get shot, people will be crying and wishing they had been nicer to you and shit, but then you'll start blinking and open your eyes and everyone will be like, "Waa...!?" and you'll reach into your coat pocket and pull out...BAM! Dick Show sticker stopped the bullet.

These are all true facts about this sticker.