The Dick Show (and The Sean Show) 16oz Pint Glass Pair

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This product is dish washer safe. It is knife proof. It is death proof!

Enjoy your favorite IPA or Diet Coke--or fill your favorite cranberry drink up to the very top and spill it all over the place, in one of these stylish Dick Show pint glasses.

My Christmas gift to all Big Swinging Dick Patreonis and Big Dick Premiums this year, to thank you for turning the dream into a meme! The classic Dick Show logo has been retooled to match the LA-based, world-touring comedian Sean Show Logo by Levi and both have been screen printed on these high-quality 16oz. Libbey pint glasses.

They only come in a pair. Sean and I only come in a pair. I meant that sexually. Enjoy! Merry Christmas!